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Collie breeding

After the sad loss of our Border Collie Fleet of Magic Border's in 2013 we decided to make an old wish come true and look for a Rough Collie. As we were planning to breed it had to be one of the best puppies we could find: Tilia vom Hause Reinhard . Tilia is a beautiful, sweet, very friendly and lively bitch that makes us laugh every day. She loves all creatures great and small.

2016 we decided to look for a male. In Italy we found this charming boy: Achille King of the War. Breeders of this wonderful dog are Emiliana d'Ippolito and Roberto Stoppini.

Although this should go without words for all breeders we would like to emphasize that we take great care to select only dogs with immaculate character and good health for our breeding.


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