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December 2021

On Dec. 31st the European Dog Show took place in Budapest. Lucy got Exc. in a very strong junior class (13), which we are very happy about.

November 2021

Dog show at last... ;-) Abby and Lucy were at the IDS Tulln. On Friday Lucy received Ex.2 in Junior Class, Abby Ex.1 CAC. On Saturday and Sunday Lucy even won Ex.1, Best Junior, Crufts Qualification and National Winner. Abby was pissed with the loud and stressfull atmosphere, didn't really show herself well and "only" received VG1 twice. We are still very proud of our girls.

March 2021

All puppies from D- and E-litters have moved into their new homes. We wish the babies and their owners the best of luck and a long, healthy life for themselves and their dogs.

Dezember 2020

What a Happy Christmas! Abby has chosen a special day for her birth once again. On Dec. 24th she gave birth to 3 tricolour girls and 1 sable-white boy. Sire: Armani from Great Angel

Bree started birth just on time on Dec. 27th but needed the aid of a C-section. Our super vet Klaus Fischl helped and all are well so far. They are all sable-white from golden to shaded, 3 girls and 2 boys. Sire: Achille King of the War

Dezember 2020

Herdiamant W was renamed into "Isselhooks Hotshot" and will be schooled by Sophie Leube from now on. We are very happy about this development since this way "Whiskey" will be able to show his full potential and possibly be presented for licensing again some time later. Good luck and lots of success to Frank and Inge Weisskirchen with their new hope.

November 2020

Nurmina W is now in Northern Germany at Elmar Lesch's stables and can be visited there.

October 2020

We are expecting two litters at the end of December! All puppies have been reserved. See planned litters for more information.

September 2020

It was only a small style jumping test but to win her first show jumping competition is still great. Congrats and thanks to Katharina Wagner, who rode Nurmina W with a lot of feel.

July 2020

Only 9 months after having been backed Nurmina W competed at her first show. Not only that, she was even very successfull! At Stadl-Paura Harald Siegl rode her in two Cross Country Competitions where she was placed 3rd both times (of 41 and 37 competitors). Many thanks to Larissa Heidinger, Lea Siegl amd Harald Siegl for the excellent schooling of this super horse! Nurmina is for sale!

March 2020

After 1 1/2 years of "puppy break" Abby vom Gestüt Riegersburg competed at the International Dog Show Graz and won Ex.1, CACA, CACIB und BOS in open class. Many thanks to Sue Bownds (AUS) for appreciating our pretty girl.

Febuary 2020

Heaven Dancer was licenced for Austrian Warmblood at Stadl-Paura. He will sit his 14-day-test in April and after that be available with chilled and frozen semen.

November 2019

The "Trakehner Hengstmarkt" (licencing and stallion market) 2019 is over. We are happy and sad at the same time. Heaven Dancer (ex. High Light) by Kentucky/Kaiser Wilhelm (breeder: Mette Hansen/DK, owner: Suellen und John Saals, Kingston Park Warmblood Stud/AUS) was licenced. Our Herzdiamant W by Adorator/Ibisco XX didn't make it. Both stallions will probably take part in the licencing of the Austrian Warmblood (AWÖ) from Feb. 7th to 8th 2020.

September 2019

IDS Tulln 2019 "National Winner": Bree vom Gestüt Riegersburg became National Junior Winner, Ex.1, Best Junior! This was the last part she needed to become Junior Champion. Judge was Mrs. Myrna Shyboleth.

September 2019

Achille King of the War "Acchi" has been awarded 4 CACAs and is now Austrian Champion. We are very proud of our first champion!

September 2019

On Sep. 1st we had our most successful dog show to this day at Gols/Burgenland: Achille King of the War "Acchi" was awarded Exc.1, CACA, Burgenland Winner and BOS! Bree vom Gestuet Riegersburg got Exc.1, Junior Winner Burgenland. Judge was Istvan Szekely.

August 2019

We are proud to announce: Herzdiamant W and High Light (name will be changed) will compete at the Trakehner licencing from Nov. 7th to 10th 2019.

August 2019

At the foal presentation of the "Trakehner Verband" at Trakehner Stud Murtal/ Obdach Naila W reached Premium with a score of 53 points.

July 2019

At the IDS Oberwart Bree vom Gestuet Riegersburg was awarded "Best junior bitch" (Ex.1) and Crufts Qualification for 2020. We are happy and proud of our big little girl.

June 2019

On June 19th, Nenelope W (by Koenigsmarck/Akhisar XX) gave birth to a pretty bay filly by Gopura XX. We are very happy and look forward to the further development of Naila W .

June 2019

As of today, June 6th, all our puppies have found very nice new families. We wish everybody a stunning time together! Soon they will all leave us.

April 2019

In the afternoon of her second birthday Abby vom Gestuet Riegersburg gave birth to 7 wonderful puppies. First was a tricolour girl, followed by 5 sable-white boys and a sable-white girl. Sire is the shaded sable-white dog Free Willy of Woodquarter. Some of the beauties are available.

March 2019

WOW!!! At the IDS Graz on March 10th 2019 Acchi ( Achille King of the War) won BOB! Judge was Peter Harsanyi from Hungary. We are so proud of our sweet cuddly boy!

Febuary 2019

Abby vom Gestuet Riegersburg was mated to Free Willy of Woodquarter. We are hoping for our C-litter by the middle of April.

December 2018

All puppies of the B-litter have found their loving families. We wish all new owners the best with their dogs and look forward to hearing from them.

September 2018

Our B-litter has arrived! A colorful bunch of tricolour and sable-white, 4 females and 3 males. All of them are well and happy so far as well as their super mummy Tilia vom Hause Reinhard.

July 2018

Sir William Pointer aka Punkti took part in the Styrian Championships for Noriker Horses. 2013 on third place, 2018 he won!

July 2018

We are expecting our B-litter in September. See planned litters for more information!

June 2018

Abby vom Gestuet Riegersburg entered Junior Class at the IDS at Klagengfurt/Austria. Saturday she got Ex.3 and Sunday she came first (Ex.1) in her class and won "Junior Winner of the Alps"

Mav-June 2018

Nenelope W competed at a dressage show at Harberg again (after 2016). We are proud and happy she came 3rd and 1st in "A".

April 2018

The three boys are out in their summer field at last. The picturesque place will teach them balance and grow muscles.

April 2018

Herz ist Trumpf W (by Tassilo W and Herztaenzerin W) has had a baby! In the meantime Heart Attack FS by Titulus has become 3 weeks old. Breeder: Sabrina Freiler.

April 2018

Herzbienchen W is baffling them all... Going like an old stager she jumps whatever asked by her rider. Training at the clinic in Kornberg gave them (and us) confidence for her first two-day-events planned in 2018! Pictures: Kerstin Leitgeb

April 2018

After 25 years of the "A-Brand" for Austrian Warmblood Horses Mr. Leopold Pingitzer visited me and wrote a nice article about the genesis of the brand mark for the Yearbook of Austrian Warmbloods. I still feel honored that every Austrian Warmblood is carrying my brand mark.

March 2018

HerzAss W aka Wimmer has done us proud again! First she won at the TRAKEHNERS AUSTRALIA TOUR 2018, then she took part in a clinic with Stefan Wolff with her permanent rider Brett Peel. Both gentlemen were impressed with her potential and happy with her progress. Congrats to the owners Suellen and John Saals! We are looking forward to her dressage competitions planned for 2018.

November 2017

We are proud to announce that High Light by Kentucky, winner of the Danish foal championship 2017, breeder Mette Hansen, Denmark, owner Suellen and John Saals, Australia, has arrived at our yard. He will be raised along with our two colts Herzkoenig W and Herzdiamant W.

August 2017

End of August the finals of the "Noriker Cup Lower Austria 2017" took place at Ried/Riederberg. Punkti showed two very nice preliminary tests and came 3rd and 4th in the Cup (elementary class). This placed him on 5th in the Cup although he only got points from two out of three shows.

July 2017

End of July the Club Show of the Austrian Club for British Pastoral Breeds took place at Neunkirchen/Lower Austria. We took part with Acchi and Abby (vom Gestuet Riegersburg) and were happy to meet her sister (Acchi's daughter) Ambra (vom Gestuet Riegersburg) again. Both girls, only three and a half months old, were very well behaved and got a "very promising" from the judge.

July 2017

The international dog show at Oberwart was quite successful for us this year. Acchi (intermediate class) won Excellent1 and CACA.

June 2017

2017 there is a Noriker Dressage Cup taking place in Lower Austria. That is why we decided to take Punkti to a dressage competition again. We missed part one (of three) but competed at part 2 at Kottingbrunn. The results for the Noriker Cup were "okay" (Places 5 and 7, class A) but Sir William Pointer excelled in class "L" He scored 6,4 for his first L (Quote judges protocol: "great performance") and won his second with 6,8!!! Big thanks to his owner Andrea Podhradsky-Riedler for her long-term trust and contratulations to this great horse!

June 2017

After a break of several months Acchi was at a dog show again. At the IHA Klagenfurt he got Exc.1 and CACA in intermediate class. We are very proud of our young sire!

June 2017

Joy and sorrow can be so close together. On June 5th Helene von Herzen W gave birth to a black, thoroughbred type colt by Adorator, 2 days later she died of a severe colic due to contorsion of the large intestine. She could not be saved in spite of surgery. The little man, named Herzdiamant W was lucky all the same because our precious Noriker mare Fidora adopted him and is fully in milk.

May 2017

On May 30th Heart&Soul W gave birth to a wonderful bay colt. The son of High Motion looks like a dressage horse already and was named Herzkoenig W (King of Hearts W) aka King.

May 2017

Due to her very good grading and several placings at dressage shows in Australia, HerzAss W (born 2011) was announced "Premium Mare" by the Trakehner Verband in Germany. Congratulations to Suellen und John Saals and her rider Brett Peel!

April 2017

Our A-litter is here!!! See "Puppies" for more information and pictures!

April 2017

We are proud to announce that Herzbienchen W (born 2012) won her very first show jumping competition! Congratulations to her owner and rider!

March 2017

Our "export to Australia", the black mare "HerzAss W" (by Grand Passion and Herztaenzerin W by Tambour) has won the class of 4-5year-olds at the TRAKEHNERS AUSTRALIA TOUR 2017! Many thanks and und congratulations to the owners Suellen und John Saals and her rider Brett Peel!

September 2016

The 8th Trakehner Regional Show for Bavaria and Austria took place at the Styrian Grosslobming. Hosted by the Trakehner Stud Murtal we were overwhelmed by its hospitality! Many thanks again to all people involved in preparing and managing this wonderful show, we really appreciate all the work behind this!
We felt it to be honour and duty to take part in this show with all the mares we had. Bad and good luck were close together when all three mares threatened to be unable to perform due to different little ailments. Luckily it worked for two of the three to get sound in time. So we went with excitement but without great expectations, knowing what quality of horses we would meet.
The more we were overwhelmed when our three-year-old Heart&Soul W won the first competition, the class of jumping mares! Twelve mares competed in this class, which meant it was the biggest of all classes. The judges looked at scope, technique and basic gaits and praised our "Fuchsi" to be the most complete of the class. In the class of families Herztaenzerin W won Id with her daughters Herz ist Trumpf W, Herzbienchen W and Heart&Soul W. Proud and happy and with loads of prizes we went back home.

August 2016

We are happy to announce that both mares we covered, Helene and Heart&Soul, are in foal! Helene von Herzen W has been inseminated with Adorator and Heart&Soul W is expecting her first foal by High Motion. Both foals are due in June 2017.

May 2016

Heart & Soul W aka Fuchsi went to the central mares registration of the Trakehner Verband at Mainburg/Bavaria with us on May 28th. In a field of high quality 3yr-old mares 10 of 13 achieved Premium status, one of them our Fuchsi! She recieved 2 times 8,0 for scope and technique, best 3yr-old in loose jumping! Her marks summed up to 54,5 points, among them 3 times 8,0 for her basic gaits. She measured 169/22 cm.

April 2016

At the show for British Pastoral Dogs at Foederlach/Carinthia, his first dog show, Acchi was awarded "very promising" in the baby class. He was very well behaved and presented himself perfectly.

March 2016

We are happy to present our new family member: Achille King of the War (Breeders: Roberto Stoppini and Emiliana D'Ippolito, Italy) Thank you for this wonderful, fluffy Collie dog.

December 2015

Happy Christmas and a Stunning 2016 to all our friends!

October 2015

Herz Ass W alias Wimmer has competed her first two young horse classes in Sydney and scored an overwhelming 8.8 for her second test. Congratulations to the rider Brett Peel and the owners Suellen and John Saals.

August 2015

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch W aka Lucky was classified by the Trakehner Verband (55 points) and is now owned by "Consortium Herzlichen Glueckwunsch W", Australia.

July 2015

Late but beautiful: Our foal 2015 was born! On July 16th St.Pr. u. Pr.St. Helene von Herzen W has given birth to her first colt "Herzlichen Glueckwunsch W" by Gluecksruf I. The little man is gorgeous and very cuddly.

April 2015

Tilia went to the Styrian Show for British Sheepdogs on Sunday. She easily won the lookers-on-class ;-) We had lots of fun with her "sister in colour" Olina and her half brother Vito.

April 2015

At last! Our new website is online! Hope you like it! Please excuse that the English part of the site will only gradually be completed!

March 2015

HerzAss W

Sydney/Australia: We are proud to report that Herz Ass W by Grand Passion, dam: Herztaenzerin W, was classified as Premium mare into Studbook I of the Trakehner Verband. Congratulations to the owners Suellen and John Saals and the team presenting the mare, the Dierks family!


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