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Horses for sale

It's all about trust in horse sales.... You have to be able to trust the seller (us) and the horse. It is your fair right to expect us to describe the horse like it is so you can decide whether it would suit you. It doesn't make sense for you or us to coax you into visiting us only for you to find out that the horse is not what you had expected from our description. This would only waste both our time.

All our horses we offer for sale were bred at our stable (except if declared otherwise).

We only sell sound horses with good character. They were vaccinated on a regular basis as well as dewormed. We recommend a vetting in any case, the buyer can choose the vet. The horses are trained according to age, that means a foal is trained to lead, clean feet and was usually transported in a float at least once. We start breaking them in at 3 1/2 years, up to that point they have already learned to behave and trust. We only sell to knowledgable people into good homes.

We have sold two foals on internet contact only, one to Denmark, the ohter to Australia. We are happy to name these buyers, who have become friends in the meantime, if you are interested.


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